Four Hollywood assistants arrive at the Junior Hollywood Club's mixer. Isaac, the host and club president, works at UNE, a moderate-sized talent agency. His friend Tara works for a showrunner. Liz just arrived after a long road-trip from Ohio to make it as an actress, and she just got her first job as an actress's personal assistant. Nick works for his father, a famous movie director.

Isaac's coworker was promoted over him, so he is more eager than ever to find a client of his own. If he can sign a big name, he can impress his boss. He tries to sign Tara, who has been working on a pilot, but she wants to rewrite it. Now that her boss has a new show, Tara wants to join as a staff writer. That means she needs to write in the same style of her boss.

Meanwhile, Liz looks to make friends with anybody. Tara is the only one who seems to acknowledge her, so immediately Liz starts sharing her whole life. It's time to get situated in her new home. Nick takes selfies at the bar for all of his Instagram followers to like. He puts the moves on Tara, but Tara doesn't seem phased. Nick doesn't understand why.

Nick attends another premiere party for his father's latest film. Reporters hound him, and he starts to go lose his mind after answering the same generic question for the millionth time. Elsewhere, Liz is on a time-sensitive errand for her boss when she gets a flat tire. She also inadvertently locks her keys in her car. Since she couldn't complete the task, she is fired.

Liz, eager to keep on truckin', surprises Isaac at his work and asks to intern for him. An ecstatic Isaac gives Liz plenty of tasks to do, but when she can't keep up, he fires her. He surprises himself with how much he enjoyed having so much power and control over someone.

Tara's work picks up as her boss's show goes into pre-production. She keeps trying to get feedback on her pilot, but her boss constantly ignores her request. Tara's father calls to tell her that her mother died in an accident and that she needs to come home.

Tara struggles with the decision to leave her job for a few days right when momentum is building. She meets Liz at another Junior Hollywood Club mixer. Isaac notices that there's an opportunity to get a meeting with Tara's boss -- which could get him his first client -- if Tara travels. He convinces Liz to volunteer to cover Tara's desk while she's away. Isaac then attempts to woo Nick, but Nick is distracted by how Tara continues to ignore him. Sensing another opportunity, Isaac befriends Nick and promises that he can introduce the two of them. Nick and Tara finally connect, and Liz encourages Tara to take a chance and go out with Nick.

Liz arrives at Tara's office excited to learn how to do the job. Tara explains everything and leaves. Liz is instantly bombarded with phone calls and requests. Then, out of no where, Isaac appears claiming to have a meeting with her boss. Liz doesn't have anything on the calendar, but some sweet talking from Isaac gets his way into the office. Liz goes back to her desk duties and then immediately fired.

Tara returns from her mother's funeral and meets Nick for coffee. He wants to know all about her, but Tara keeps talking about her pilot. Nick finally asks why she went home, and Tara explains that her mother passed away. Taken aback, Nick offers to postpone their date, but Tara hears nothing of it and continues to talk about her pilot. Nick finally gets Tara to open up a little bit about her mother, and there's a new connection between the two.

Liz considers giving up after losing three jobs and not booking any work. Every time she's about to quit she gets a new audition. Just when it seems like she's about to be hired, her non-union status keeps her from the job. Isaac takes Nick out for drinks to ask about his date with Tara. Isaac keeps giving Nick shot after shot until he can finally convince him to have his father sign a new deal with him. Nick agrees because he considers Isaac his only friend.

Now with two big-name clients on his roster, Isaac is promoted. Nick and Tara go on another date to Runyon Canyon. They fall for each other, but Tara's phone goes off with five missed calls. Fearing a problem at work, she runs away. Liz worries that she moved too soon and isn't ready to handle life in the big city.

They all come back together for Isaac's last Junior Hollywood Club mixer. Tara confronts everyone about taking advantage of her and getting her fired. She breaks up with Nick and leaves the party. Liz stands up to Isaac and decides to stay in LA and pursue her dream. Tara, at home, breaks down over the loss of her job, boyfriend, and mother. She tries to focus on her writing but is too distracted. She decides to incorporate her feelings into her writing. Nick decides to leave LA. He tells his father that he's quitting to find out what his true passion in life is. Isaac is now a junior agent, Tara sells her pilot, Liz waits in an audition line, and Nick heads into a new adventure.